Brandi & Mike

Based on the Colleen, this suite was customized for Brandi & Mike.  Since they're getting married at Bridle Barn & Garden this coming August, we really focused on greenery and vibrant floral for their suite.  The theme, colors and monogram will live on in various other aspects of the paper goods but here's a sneak peek for now... 

Escort Chalkboard at Turner Hall Wedding

A few years ago, I was walking our dog and found an old, giant chalkboard being thrown out by the nearby school.  When TJ and I went to pick it up with our car, it actually didn't fit!  We put it on top and drove securing it with our hands outside of the window (super classy, I know).  We only had a few blocks to drive! Since then, I've used the chalkboard in my office as a to-do list.  I literally cannot avoid it. 

Fast forward to Colleen & Kevin's wedding over Memorial Day weekend.  Colleen and I chatted about using it for one large escort card at their Turner Hall wedding.  After her guest list was complete, I got to work.

Here's the end result:

Merry & Sam - Custom Invitation Suite

When Merry & Sam asked us to make their wedding invitations, we were thrilled.  They came with a vision in mind.  It was an honor to make it come to life!  

Everything about this suite is custom created.  The big, emotional piece here is the envelope liner.  Merry's grandfather wrote letters to his parents while he was stationed in WWII.  This memento has been saved and passed through the generations.  We scanned it in and used his signature as the main line in their liner, "Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave."  Originally we had a script font in place for their names but after the liner was in place, Shannon handlettered the headline for them.  It fit perfectly.  The metallic envelopes really make the foil and navy printing pop!